Thursday, January 5, 2017


Todd Sucherman was recently back in Wisconsin for several clinics, and it was great to see my friend again. The clinic was incredible as always, and the set-up for the clinic, the store, and the staff at Voight Music were the greatest. 

It is hard to put into words what seeing a clinic from Todd is like. To describe it in detail technically is way above my play-scale, and I am in no way qualified to do so. Suffice to say, and to sum it up, it is always a dazzling display of technique, original composition, independent thought, humbleness, humor (He is VERY funny), & sincerity. It is the summation of years of dedication and hard work, and it is simply unbelievable. He set's out to inspire and teach other drummers, and that is always the mark of greatness. True Teachers and True Masters always set out to make their students Teachers and Masters as well.

I have mentioned this before, but it is interesting, and comical, to watch the reaction of people that show up to his clinics. The "Shock & Awe," especially of  first time attendees at his clinics, is big. There is a lot of head shaking, and one of the best is when they slap their hand on their forehead and shake their head. Another good one is when they look up at the ceiling with their jaw open and just stare at it. In summary, it is always a wonder, and wonder-ful to watch my friend who has evolved into one of the greatest drummers on the planet. He is a household name in drumming, but also is equally revered as a person in the drum world. And Todd....That really meant a lot to me for you to bring my drums up in your clinic and discuss my 15" drums. I will always remember that.

Great to see my long-time pal and forever friend of Todd's-Greg Marsh, and it was great to have my other pal there....Jamo Van de Bogert from Greg Allman's band. We will all be at Todd's next clinic....Hopefully that will be very soon!   

Thank You as always Todd......