Saturday, April 29, 2017


I have been in touch and regularly follow Steve Fruda of The Elements. He is a great communicator, an astute musician, and his clips of the band I always tune into.

Recently he picked up a 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 from Fork's in Nashville. He had a lot of questions on and off during our discussions about my 13" drums. Those drums are just being finished and introduced. So....This was a surprise, and a very welcome one. This drum is going to work extremely well with him, and his comments are below.

His kit (Compact Clubber) is in the May Issue of  Modern Drummer as well in Kit Of The Month. I am very excited that the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 will be behind this kit now, and undoubtedly I will have updates from him for the Latest News.   

Thank You Steve for everything. I am very much looking forward to staying in touch as always, and continuing our drum discussions. Hope the band is having a great time in Nashville this weekend! 

"The Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 sounds amazing. It is dynamic, sensitive, and produces a beautiful tone. Thanks for everything Jim!"

Steve Fruda

Friday, April 28, 2017


One of Instagram's most lively profiles is "snaredrumfreakz." It is operated & maintained by Michael Christian out of Indonesia. With almost 76,000 followers, he really has built quite a platform for drum enthusiasts worldwide. He has quite a few endorsements as well...Meinl Cymbals is one of them.

He recently posted a pic of Michael Grando's 1.5 Steel--4 x 15 from the live gigs with Tyler Bronson Smith. That went over great. He also just posted an image of the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 8, and an image of Steve Fruda with his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 which I will update on...

Thank You Michael. I can see where you are most likely overwhelmed with images, and really appreciate you taking time out for Beier Drums.....


JOCHEN BAUER IN GERMANY-BEIER 1.5 STEEL--8 X 14, 8 x 15, 6.5 x 14....

It was great to hear from my one of my pals several days ago from Germany-Jochen Bauer. He was rehearsing for his band and running through some Judas Priest, Saxon & Accept tunes. Jochen was an early customer of mine, & has three snare drums from Beier Drums: 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14, 8 x 14 & 8 x 15. He was using the 8 x 14 which I see him playing most often-(I think that his favorite!). He is also a former TM, and has been working in and out of the industry for many years. He is a true die-hard, incredibly knowledgeable, and is one of the coolest guys I know. 

Drum stuff aside, I also want to extend my Congratulations to Jochen for his continued work on some of the health problems he has faced. To date, he has lost a total of 113.6 pounds, and is feeling great. That is a mighty feat, and an issue that a lot of people on this planet face. I have been lucky, and never have had to worry about my weight. But....This is a challenging situation worldwide, and can cause a lot of pain, frustration, and health problems. I have always seen that clearly, and people that are faced with this need props from everyone around them.

Keep it up Jochen!.....I am always rooting for you. Thanks for all of your on-going support & friendship. We will talk soon no doubt.....

"Rehearsal with some classic Judas Priest, Saxon & Accept tunes. Love my DW set, and especially my James Beier snare 8 x 14! What a killer sound! Rock on my friends...."

Jochen Bauer

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Sam Lumsden never ceases to amazes me. Whether your listening to a band in a pub in Scotland, a venue elsewhere in the UK, at an event at a Medieval Castle, at an audition for an upcoming movie, in a studio, or getting instruction at First Class Drums in Inverness, you are likely to, or are going to run into this multi-talented/faceted drummer.

If that is not enough, he recently had a gig at the Royal Air Force Base-Lossimouth in Moray, Scotland. As always....he had his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 with him which he has used non-stop for years now. He also has a 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15. He is one of those drummers who can literally play anything. You could place him in a Death Metal band, a Sex Pistols Tribute, have him cover Peter Gabriel tunes, follow Stewart Copeland, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon through all that they have done, throw some early Jazz at him, etc.., Not only could he play it, and with ease....But he could explain it in detail. Then he could turn around and teach it all to someone. This is what great drummers can do, and do consistently.

I am always happy to get the latest from Sam. As it is said....This is TBC no doubt...! Thanks Sam...


This was a great picture from this last weekend in Immokalee. Florida of Mark Beckett & Pat McDonald. Mark was in town on the road with Olivia Newton John, and Pat and him have been friends for a long time. Pat lives in Florida now and stopped out at the show.

Mark had his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 along with him for the show. This is one of a number of snare drums from Beier Drums that he has used live, and in the studio with Olivia, and with other artists. Pat used this same size drum on the road with Charlie Daniels as his main. That drum became his back-up when he started using his 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 as his primary.

Both of these guys have been unbelievably great friends to me, and have been hugely supportive of what I am doing here. I have seen Pat many times live with Charlie Daniels, but never have seen Mark live. I finally have a chance in the next couple of weeks to see him live though. I will be travelling to Chicago for a show, and am so looking forward to it. 

Thanks you two....Be in touch as always.....

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Mike Hansen (Hurricane, George Lynch, Steve Vai, Pointer Sisters) will be doing a clinic at Long & McQuade in Kamloops, B.C., on June 29th at 7:00 p.m. He will be discussing his lengthy career, technique, and all things related to drumming and gear.

Mike uses a 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15 as his main live & in the studio. Please contact Long & McQuade for further details. Thank You Mike.....You will go over big as always....


Chad Melchert (Gord Bamford, CCMA Drummer Of The Year 2016) will be doing a clinic at Edmonton Long & McQuade South on May 7th, at 7:00 p.m. It is Drum Month in May, and Chad will be discussing all things related to drumming including tips on how to get the most out of recording drums. Chad uses a 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 & 4 x 15 as his mains on the road, and in the studio.

Please contact the store for further details. Thank You Chad Melchert....This will be a great event....

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Blue Oyster Cult is getting ready to hit the road to celebrate their 45th Anniversary, & they will be doing a string of festival & headline shows in Europe & the UK. I just was talking with Jules Radino, and he is going to have his 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 along for these dates. This is a drum he has used extensively live with the band, and has had for some time. I will update this when the tour begins.

Thank You Jules Radino! I really, really appreciate this....


It is great to live where I do...Literally everyone comes through here, sometimes several times a year. Styx is one of them, and seeing them live with Todd Sucherman is always something I look forward to.

I have known Todd for many years now, and have seen him live with the band, and in clinics on numerous occasions. To try to summarize his playing would be a ridiculous effort. His knowledge and skills are so vast & diversified....You literally could go on forever. Suffice to say, as I have said before: He is one of the greatest drummers to ever sit behind a kit. As well, as every-single-person knows...He is also one of the greatest guy's personally. And not only in drumming, but in all of music.

Mark Terek from Pearl Drums was there also, and it is always, quite frankly, a gas to see him. This guy cracks me up, and always has. I bought gear from him at a local store many years ago, and he was the best at that. We all used to talk about that he would always be hugely successful in this business somehow, and he has been. He has been a rep. for Pearl Drums for a long time now, and is easily one of the best in this business. They are lucky to have him.

Going to shows and hitting the road is getting harder for me all of the time with business as good as it is. I am, as I tell people, chained here. But...It is all in a good kind of way. It is something I will always do though, is important, really look forward to, and am Thankful I can do it. You run into people that you would not see otherwise. This show was one of them, and I ran into some of my close friends that live practically down the street that I don't see that often. Todd's brother Paul was also there, and like Mark....Is a lot of fun, and very comical. Another top-tier player that carries wide respect, John Cee, was there and it was cool to run into him. Music, especially live, unfailingly brings a lot of people together with the right vibe.

Styx is getting ready to release a new album which I am really looking forward to. You know it will be a knockout record if you have seen them live. It truly is unbelievable how great they are. Interesting they had an Intermission at this show. I was like ??, and it took me by surprise. At the end though...It is a great way to do it, and I think everyone dug it. They came back, and literally and instantly recaptured the audience. Something special as well about "Light Up" that night....I still have that in my head.

Thank You Again Todd.....Hope to see you sooner than later....


I recently received my copy of the new Vain record-"Rolling With The Punches". I had read about this some time ago and touched base with Tommy about it. He was the drummer for Vain in the earlier years, and it was great to hear he was going to be on it, and that he was using his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14. 

I gotta say....This is not a great record, but an incredible one. They recaptured the sound and vibe of this band perfectly. It has a great analog-vibe to it in many parts, amazing musicianship, and quite honestly-Every single song on this record is great. I listened to it in the car which I do often....It is (for me) much easier to break it down into parts that way. It got my attention right from the start with the title track "Rolling With The Punches," and is a record that I will re-visit often. 

Thank You Tommy....I really appreciated this. As with all pro's...Your playing could not have been finer on this. (Please see the Latest News 2/28 for more information on Tommy....)  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

JIM VOGT IN ALASKA.....BEIER 1.5 STEEL--5.5 X 14....

From the beginning, Jim Vogt has been great to deal with. I heard from him several weeks ago again, and he is so great about staying in touch. Hearing from players is something I really enjoy.  

He was one of my first customers, and to this day continues to use his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 constantly. He is a very in-depth player, and is a big fan of Steve Michaud & Rod Morgenstein' playing, along with many others. In these particular pictures he was working on some Calypso Rhythms.

Jim has also been a long-time mainstay in The Thneeds. The band has been together for quite some time, and are working throughout Alaska constantly. 

Great to hear from you Jim. Thank You for always having the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 along with you. Look forward to staying in touch as always....   

Monday, April 17, 2017


Several weeks ago I got a surprise package from Ron Otis. It included a copy of his latest solo record: "Stay In Your Lane", and a new record he did with the World Groove Project from Detroit: "Zap Toro-Vision Quest". For both of these he used his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 & 1.5 Steel--4 x 15. 

Ron has been incredible to deal with since the first time I came into contact with him. He is massive talent, and is a modest & unpretentious player who garners enormous respect. He is one of the industry's greats in Smooth Jazz & R & B, and is always the consummate pro & gentleman. I have said this to him on several occasions and will repeat it again: If you want to be successful in the music business...He is a prime example on just how to do that.

His primary drum is the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14. That drum has been used extensively on the road with KEM on two arena tours: The Forever Charlie Tour & Promise To Love Tour. The 1.5 Steel--4 x 15 was also used on the Promise To Love Tour as well, and he also has a 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15. In addition, he performs regularly with Aretha Franklin, and is a long time collaborator with Earl Klugh. 

Thank You Ron for everything. I have played each of these records through three times, and they will be in my rotation here-Permanently. Your playing & music is as one might expect....Masterful. 


Friday, April 14, 2017


Without a doubt, UFO is one of the most influential & beloved melodic hard rock bands in history. No matter what band you are talking to, article or interview you are reading from some of the great bands from the 80's & 90's and beyond...Their name pops up as one their favorites, and one of their main influences. It is unbelievable the respect that they garner in the music business, and have held for four decades now. Iron Maiden still to this day plays their music before their live shows as a nod of respect to them. From Slash, to Tesla, Def Leppard, to Firehouse....They all love this band.

I saw them twice recently, and as always, and as one would suspect...They were spectacular. Andy Parker was using his main, the 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 for this tour with Saxon. That drum is his go-to for all US tour dates, and the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 is for all European tour dates. Both drums have been for years now. He also has a number of other sizes which he has used live and in the studio, and has a new drum which will be used in Europe when they head back this Summer. I will update this then. 

I have been dealing with Andy almost since the beginning of Beier Drums, and it has always been a source of huge pride here. UFO has been one of my favorite bands since I was 14 years old, and it never fails to amaze me how time can swing back around with all of us. He has used my drums on countless tours, the last three studio albums, and  it was also included on UFO: The Best Of A Decade. The new album is being mixed and will be out soon as well to make it the fourth studio album.

Mike Collins flew in from Portland for the Chicago show, and that was a ton of fun. More on that in the Latest News in a few days. Thank You Andy Parker for everything, and to Joe Schaeffer Photography for use of one of the amazing shots he captured of the band on this tour.


Image by Joe Schaeffer Photography