Friday, January 18, 2019


I have had a lot of requests lately, sometimes daily, for drums in different metals, configurations, different finishes, etc.., It is always great hearing from players, and I 100% understand the inquiry....Always. It usually adds up to a great conversation! My readership is excellent for the Latest News, and thought this was a good time and place to publish this list for reference.

I set out to create a distinct sound, and that is precisely replicated in each different size of the 1.5 Steel Series. That was paramount to me, and always will be. Bringing back the 15" Snare Drum to the industry, and introducing a complete line was/is another one of my priorities. Steel was a rather maligned metal in this business for years, but it is where my ears have always taken me. It will be the only metal I will ever work in.

I am not a manufacturer who will ever change what I do, but again...I understand completely why, and all of the reasons a player is looking for something specific and would ask. It can be very difficult to find your sound, and be as comfortable as you can possibly be with all of the factors involved.

What I do here, and always have...Is recommend out different manufacturers/bilders/importers for what your looking for. These are people that I know you will get a quality drum from when you go to a Dealer. And if you are an Artist for them, and working directly with them, you can rely on them. Now, what they do might not be your choice, but they are reputable, are skilled, by and large deal strictly in original ideas, and are professional. I know a lot of people, by no means is this list inclusive. I will follow up on this in another article and add to this list for sure.

In no particular order....

Tempest Handmade Drums
Canopus Drums
RBH Drums
Outlaw Drums
Stanbridge Drums
Trick Drums USA
VK Drums
Dunnett Classic/George Way Drum Co.
A & F Drum Co.
Ferguson Drums
Acoutin Custom
Chicago Drum Co.
AK Drums

Friday, January 11, 2019


I am not much on being the sole person in a picture. As a matter of fact, I am one of those annoying people that herds everyone together, and then offers to take the pic, or bails. But then of course, I want a copy. I love having them for the memory books, and they mean a lot to me personally. They are not so much a reminder of my drums, but a reminder of how many musicians have taken the time out for me, and been so wonderful to me.  

This one struck me as kind of a summary. Elizabeth, and my brother Paul and I were walking out of an Alan Parsons show. I finally got to see the amazingly talented Danny Thompson live with Alan Parsons again. They told me to stop, and took this.

This kind of sums up everything I love about this business. I will do this until I am too old to physically pick up my Steel order, or too old and confused to figure out if I am even driving to the right city. It would take me days to list everyone who has taken me in. I stay in touch with everyone, and always will....

Thank You x Thank You. TBC......