Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Nashville legend Sean Paddock was in town here on the biggest tour of the Summer: Kenny Chesney's Spread The Love Tour. I was lucky enough to be welcome for the day, and to a show that I will certainly never forget.

It was quite a day of discussion and showing me around the inner-workings of an operation like this. Sean is extremely accommodating....Like all all top-tier players are. He really took time out to go through his kit, what he plays and why, his extensive use of gear from the past & present, and to discuss the music & drum business in general. Incredible time....Incredible live show.

He also started using one of my new drums several weeks ago: The 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 12. The drum went up for the first time at Centurylink Field, and he absolutely loves it. I used an Evans G12 and Evans 300 on it. The 5.5 x 12 is part of a new line I will be releasing here this Fall.

I am extremely happy you like this drum so much Sean. I so appreciate you taking time out, and am really looking forward to staying in touch. Shout out to Sean's tech Melvin Fults as well. Looking forward to talking drums with you next time! Thanks also to someone who has been an unfailingly great friend to me, and the reason I had this opportunity...Troy Luccketta. 

"I pulled it out of the box, tuned it up, and 'BAM'...There it is. Instant pop, exactly what I was looking for. Jim has the magic touch with these bad boys...."

Sean Paddock