Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It is great to live where I do...Literally everyone comes through here, sometimes several times a year. Styx is one of them, and seeing them live with Todd Sucherman is always something I look forward to.

I have known Todd for many years now, and have seen him live with the band, and in clinics on numerous occasions. To try to summarize his playing would be a ridiculous effort. His knowledge and skills are so vast & diversified....You literally could go on forever. Suffice to say, as I have said before: He is one of the greatest drummers to ever sit behind a kit. As well, as every-single-person knows...He is also one of the greatest guy's personally. And not only in drumming, but in all of music.

Mark Terek from Pearl Drums was there also, and it is always, quite frankly, a gas to see him. This guy cracks me up, and always has. I bought gear from him at a local store many years ago, and he was the best at that. We all used to talk about that he would always be hugely successful in this business somehow, and he has been. He has been a rep. for Pearl Drums for a long time now, and is easily one of the best in this business. They are lucky to have him.

Going to shows and hitting the road is getting harder for me all of the time with business as good as it is. I am, as I tell people, chained here. But...It is all in a good kind of way. It is something I will always do though, is important, really look forward to, and am Thankful I can do it. You run into people that you would not see otherwise. This show was one of them, and I ran into some of my close friends that live practically down the street that I don't see that often. Todd's brother Paul was also there, and like Mark....Is a lot of fun, and very comical. Another top-tier player that carries wide respect, John Cee, was there and it was cool to run into him. Music, especially live, unfailingly brings a lot of people together with the right vibe.

Styx is getting ready to release a new album which I am really looking forward to. You know it will be a knockout record if you have seen them live. It truly is unbelievable how great they are. Interesting they had an Intermission at this show. I was like ??, and it took me by surprise. At the end though...It is a great way to do it, and I think everyone dug it. They came back, and literally and instantly recaptured the audience. Something special as well about "Light Up" that night....I still have that in my head.

Thank You Again Todd.....Hope to see you sooner than later....

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