Sunday, April 30, 2017

MIKE COLLINS & UFO IN CHICAGO...BEIER 1.5 STEEL--5.5 X 14 & 4 X 15.....

At the end of March and into April I have been gone a lot. This year has been busier than normal with a lot friends and drummers heading out for shows. One of Rocks most beloved bands-UFO, had a Spring Tour with Saxon. Mike Collins pretty much summed it up below! It was such a blast getting to meet Mike and talk drums, and for the three of us to catch up with Andy Parker. Andy had his main-The 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 with him as he has for a number of years now. 

Mike and I chat on and off, and have since the day he got 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14. That is his main, and he has used that drum in countless live shows, and in the studio. Several records were Metts-Ryan-Collins, Kevin Hahn's (Opal Studio) Into Oblivion, and there are more that will soon be released. He has been behind the kit for Dan Reed, Throwback Suburbia, Dilana, Earl Slick, and a long list of others. He is involved in numerous live projects, is constantly working, and has been one of the most in demand players in the Northwest for some time. Talking as much as we did, it truly truly was amazing to hear where he has been, and who he has worked with it. He also has been a  Pearl Artist for quite some time.

He is just beginning with his 1.5 Steel--4 x 15, and will update the Latest News as he works with the drum. Thank You Mike Collins! Like we discussed, we are going to have to try to make this an annual. UFO is heading out in the Fall again here, and this time it is my turn to fly out for a show. I really appreciate your support, friendship, and the fact you have one of my drums with you wherever you go. We will Talk Soon for sure!  

"This photograph represents one of those moments where things come full circle. About six years ago I was fortunate enough to meet the members of the band UFO (thank you Krishta!). For those who know me well, you know how much I love UFO! The first time I heard the band I was 13 years old and I was instantly hooked.
So it was an honor to meet one of my drum heroes-Andy parker. Of course we got to talking drums and I told him how impressed I was by the sound of his snare drum and asked him what kind it was. He told me it was made by a company called Beier Drums and gave me one of their business cards. The next day I emailed James Beier (the owner) and told him I loved the sound of Andy's snare drum and would love to get one for myself. He got back to me immediately and within a week or two I was the proud owner of a Beier snare drum. He then added me to his website and has since featured me in his newsletters whenever I'm in the studio or on the road using his snare drum. All this time I've never had the opportunity to meet James because he lives in Wisconsin and I live out here in Portland. A few months ago I saw that UFO was going to tour the US but they weren't coming anywhere near Portland. I did see that they were playing in the Chicago area and decided to contact James and asked if he wanted to meet at the UFO show in St. Charles. He thought that was a great idea and this past weekend we finally met face-to-face and hung out with Andy before and after the show. I'll forever be grateful for meeting Andy that first time a few years back and I'm especially grateful for having the opportunity to finally meet James! I could never thank him enough for his ongoing support and friendship.
My Beier snare drum is the best snare drum I've ever owned and will continue to be my go-to whenever I'm in the studio or performing live. Thank you James for an amazing time in St. Charles last weekend. I'll never forget it!"   Mike Collins