Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Had a recent conversation again with a customer of mine, Jake Waldman. Jake picked up a 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 from Steve Maxwell in New York, and dropped me a line after he had had a chance to give it a spin. 

He also sent me some pics, and the comment below which is one of several from him. Drummers are so great about their comments and taking the time to do that, so I saved all his comments as I tend to do. I told him when I did start a Comments Section, he would be the first one. His thoughts were a reminder that this was long overdue for the site. I have been adding to this new page, and will certainly continue to. 

Jake has huge insights on drums, and playing. He is a big fan of Canopus Wires and some of their other accessories, and he pointed out a lot of things I did not know. By taking the time to listen to other drummers, which I always have closely, you will always-always learn something new. Like so many....I am looking forward to staying in touch with him. 

Thanks Jake For Everything.....We will Talk Soon~!

"Your description of your inspirations and your intentions for these drums absolutely comes through when playing them. The tone, the feel, I really get it. Just honest, hard working drums. I'm a bit of a collector myself, so I do have a number of drums that break the $1K mark, and this drum easily sits in their company - if not teaches them a thing or two about modesty haha! - but It is hard to believe this drum is half that. The value is immeasurable when purchasing this drum, so it really feels like the perfect "drummer's drum". Nothing else needed, just a Beier. This drum deserves to stand with the Supras and the Black Beauties - a legendary sound for sure deserves a legendary reputation"... 

Jake Waldman (Independent)-Beier-1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14