Monday, July 17, 2017


I had a nice surprise from Canada several weeks ago......

Dennis Boisvert recently picked up a 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 (Gloss White) at Long & McQuade-Edmonton North after a clinic. The ever-helpful Mike Shawcross of Long & McQuade mentioned this to me in a conversation.

Recently the drum turned up with Dennis at the Tail Creek Mudfest/Music Festival. This is a large festival that runs from end of June to early July. As well, he was nice enough to let Dan Levasseur give the drum a spin during his set as well. I got huge compliments from both of these guy's, and it was wonderful to hear.

As well, Cory Harding is a widely known event photographer in Canada and covered the event. Want to extend my Thanks to him again for allowing use of the images he took. I am the world's worst photographer, and so-value these images from professionals like him. 

Thank You Again Dennis for choosing one of my drums, Dan for taking time out and your comments, and again to Cory Harding, Mike Shawcross, and Long & McQuade~ 

Cory Harding Photgraphy
Cory Harding Photography
Cory Harding Photography

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