Tuesday, December 15, 2015


It is almost the end of 2015, and every single year there is at least one drum company out there that just simply knocks me out. This year, it is Van Kleef Custom Drums. Alan is a true old school craftsman/manufacturer, and his work is simply unbelievable. My favorites are his Stainless, Copper and his Thomas Lang Signature Titanium Drum. If you have not, you simply have to check them out. Congrats Alan on a job...Not well done...But superbly done. Check in with Shane or Tony at the Drum Center Of Portsmouth...They have a great selection of them.

My choice for wood drums has remained the same for quite some time now: Stanbridge Drums. Pete is a master craftsmen, and to me is a legendary figure in the world of segmented wood drums and wood hoops. He is a Master Craftsman, great guy & he truly is the origin of these types of drums. His collaboration to produce The Empyrean with Todd Sucherman, and the Pro Mark 50th Anniversary drum are unprecedented, & will always be remembered by everyone.