Saturday, December 5, 2015


It was so great to see Greg Marsh (Maui Pops Orchestra, Mick Fleetwood Band, Van Ghost) back in the area here laying tracks in Chicago with his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14. Greg is a multi-talented percussionist, highly experienced live and session player, and quite simply...One of the great drummer/percussionists I know. I always have been thrilled to see him using one of my drums. He has appeared on the Today Show, toured extensively, was part of The Mick Fleetwood Band where he & Mick were dual-drumming, has performed live with the Maui Pops Orchestra, has extensive knowledge and performance skills with native Hawaiian music, has been a part of numerous records. and quite simply is someone who always cracks me up. Greg also did some great samples for the Audio Section of this site on the drum. Even Todd Sucherman when I sent them to him said: "Greg was always a wonderful player...". You can also hear the drum on Van Ghost's last release: "The Domino Effect" which is a knockout production from start to finish.

Looking forward to seeing you, Jennifer & Tigger soon....