Friday, January 5, 2018


The Latest News is resuming this month. It will include a full recap from the end of November to the end of the year. This was an incredibly busy time here, and definitely was one of the best end of the year runs I have ever had.

I have been getting a lot of questions on what, if anything, is new for this year with Beier Drums. The answer is is that several new sizes that are being completed to finish out a line. There will be a 1.5 Steel--4 x 13, & 7.5 x 13. Everything else will remain the same as always.

The 1.5 Steel Series was intended to be a mainstay, and a line of drums that will remain unchanged. They have gone over extraordinarily well, and are used worldwide in basements, clubs, arenas, and stadiums. I have never been concerned about the next big thing, the latest trend, collaborations to copy original designs, obsessive marketing, advertising, and cloning other drum makers products. While that is common in today's world in almost all businesses, that has never been my path. Nothing forward comes of that.

I set out to get into players ears, and not their wallets. This is a business, but it is Music. That means something a little different when your talking about a "Product" & "Business". If your just making things to sell, or in most cases importing, your selling yourself, and the player short I think in a lot of ways. As an analogy...We all know what happens when a band has gone into the studio to make a record to "Sell". There are many legendary disasters from those journey's. Spending your time putting something meaningful and honest into the world results in business taking care of itself-Every single time.

The journey continues into 2018....

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