Saturday, September 10, 2016


I recently got to see Ted Nugent live, and had the good fortune to be able to have my 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 on this tour as a back-up snare for Pearl Artist-Jason Hartless. 

Long time friend, and huge supporter...Randy Walker has always been a big believer in what I am up to here at Beier Drums. He introduced me to Jason, as well as many others. He currently has three of my drums in his studio-Media 22 Productions in Scottsdale, AZ. His 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 15 is his primary go-to as well. October will also bring him into a 1.5 Steel--8 x 14. Randy is a multi-dimensional talented drummer & engineer. He has performed live with Pat Travers, with Eddie Money unplugged, & played on Steve Oliver's hit record "World Citizen," on "Watching The World". For that he used one of my drums as well. He also has done extensive engineering & studio work with David Ellefson, Tesla, and a slew of others.

Jason Hartless is already widely known in the early phases of his career, and for good reason. Bottom line, and to repeat something I have said many times since the show: He is the finest drummer Ted Nugent has ever taken out on tour. All of Nugent's bands have been great....Always. But this line-up, with Greg Smith again on Bass....Is unmatched. And it is one those deals, like we all have experienced, you know it from the first song into the set. I was thinking..."Whoa....Here we go....!"

Jason is constantly involved in studio work back home in Michigan, has worked with numerous accomplished producers and drummers, and is also a student at Berklee. He is, quite simply, just an incredibly talented & knowledgeable player from A-Z. To have my 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 out on the road with him was awesome. I have watched his studio clips before, and they are great. But live......He just lights it up, in a very big way.

Thanks Again For Everything Jason & Randy. You guys better roll through here next year. This was too good of a time not to repeat!