Monday, November 17, 2014


I saw Simon Wright's 1998 Solid Shell Birch Snare on Ebay, and simply had to note this for several reasons:

*These drums are considered relatively rare, and are very cherished by players. This was the time of Johnny Craviotto's career when he was working with DW-1998. He then went on as well all know to start Craviotto Drums, and become one of the greatest drum manufacturers since the day's of Nile's. The drum is a solid Birch Shell--5.5 x 14, has 10 Brass Turret Lugs, is stamped with the "A" inside the shell, has the Black & Gold Badge with serial number, and is signed by Johnny Craviotto and Simon Wright. The hoops are replacements, and are new. This drum was used as a back-up. Solid Birch shells are scarce, and this drum from Johnny Craviotto is even more so.

*Without a doubt, Simon Wright (UFO, AC/DC, Rhino Bucket, Dio, Dio Disciples, Geoff Tate's Queensryche-Now Operation Mindcrime, Hellion) has had one of the, if not the most successful career in music history in Hard Rock/Metal drumming. The chance to own a drum that Simon Wright owned is a true opportunity. I have seen him play many times, and from early on to present day, his skill level never changes. In short-He simply does not miss, has enormous power coupled with finesse, and is simply an amazing & naturally talented player The most recent example is his work on Hellion's latest release: "Karma's A Bitch". This is an incredible record, but what he did on the song "Betrayer" illustrates it perfectly.