Saturday, March 10, 2018


Australia drumming legend, Richie Jarvis, recently did a video review of the Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15 for his channel-I Am Drummer. He has always been incredibly supportive of not only my work, but many others, and it was great to finally get a drum to him for his thoughts and ideas on it. That drum has been incredibly popular, and I manufactured dozens of them last year alone here.

In short, the drum went over huge with Richie. His channel is relatively new, but has been a big hit with everyone. It is very entertaining, but very specific and serious at the same time. He is pulling from a lifetime of knowledge and playing, and I truly think think it will grow into one of the primary channels for snare drum reviews on the web. It is no wonder he is the go-to player for DW for reviews on their gear. Total respect from me to DW as well, I have used their Mag Strainer/3-Way Butt Plate for years, and it is one of the, if not the most popular strainer out today. 

He recently as well started a Patreon Channel. I love Patreon, and belong to his channel and Mike Dawson's. It is well done, and a true way to support musicians in their work....At a ridiculously minimal cost. Link below to his, and Mike Dawson's channel. Supporting musicians in their work whether it is Patreon, buying a record/single, and attending their shows is more important than it ever has been. Music by it's nature has to evolve, and it cannot do that without backing from fans. 

Thank You Again Richie. Like everyone say's about you, your a great guy, and you are truly the consummate pro from A-Z..... 

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