Friday, May 5, 2017


Nashville legend, and one of the most admired and respected drummers I know: David Northrup, just joined Boz Scaggs band and will be on his 2017 Tour. He will have his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 12 along with him as well on the road.

David spent the last three & half years touring non-stop with the Oak Ridge Boys. I saw their Christmas Show three times, and will never forget those shows. Without a doubt, those shows will always rank as one of the great musical memories with me. He used a 1.5 Steel--4 x 15, 5.5 x 14, 6.4 x 14, & 6.5 x 15 at them, and a 6.5 x 14 on tour as one of his mains. He also used that drum in clinics along with the 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 12. As well, he used a number of the 1.5 Steel Series on his last three studio records with the Oak Ridge Boys, Peter Brandon, & Chris Taylor.

He is a non-ending source of information and insight, and through one of our discussions at a show we talked about sizes of drums. At that time I had not done a 12" snare drum, and he really encouraged me to do one. I had a shell which was actually a mistake, was made too small, but I kept it. Honestly, it was something I was always stepping over or throwing in a box, and it was kind of a rusted heap at this point. I took care of all that, and that drum has been a phenomenal addition to the 1.5 Steel Series.

I am really hoping to see David live with this new band this Summer. I have a lot on my itinerary coming up, but for sure am going to try to make it to one of the shows that are within reach distance wise. I am really happy this band comes around to this area as often as they do. David has been a great friend to me, and it is always a great time to see him play live.

Congratulations David on a great new gig.....See you soon~


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