Friday, July 8, 2016


Last month brought The Outlaws to town, and like always...They were incredible live, it was great to see them, and it simply was a great time. 

Monte Yoho had his 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 as he has for a long time now. That is his main, and has been almost since the day he got it. He also uses a 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 as an auxiliary, and used that as his primary initially. David Dix has also used one of my earlier drums live as well.

It has been some time, and it was so great to David Dix again. He is back with the band, and him and Monte are dual-drumming. Dual drumming is something that goes back to the early 20th century, and these two have produced some of the greatest clips of that in music history. Modern Drummer pointed this out as well in the February 2007 Issue including them in a list for their work on The Outlaws 1978 live album "Bring It Back Alive," on "Stick Around For Rock & Roll". This article was also republished in the January 2012 digital issue. 

I am not going to say I was happy, but I will say I was ecstatic to hear they have a new live album coming out this Fall, and Monte used his 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 on the entire record. I love all of their studio records, but they are one of those bands that even shine brighter live. The Allman Brothers, The Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band....Many, especially from that time, were like this. And bands like Blackberry Smoke, along with many others today, keep that tradition alive.  

I included a couple of pics I just received from Steve Markowski. Steve is a Connecticut based drummer who performs regularly, and also is a huge fan of The Outlaws. He really has taken time out to study and watch clips of Monte Yoho's playing as well, & recently picked up a 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 from Forks in Nashville. Thank You Steve! 

Look forward to seeing you all soon....Thanks Again for everything....