Thursday, October 8, 2015


I was thrilled to hear recently that Simon Wright (Operation Mindcrime, Hellion, Dio, Rhino Bucket, AC/DC, UFO) had used his Beier 1.5 Steel--6.5 x 14 on a track on the new release from Operation Mindcrime: "The Key". That is quite an honor Simon. I have told you several times, but just wanted to issue a most sincere: Thank You Again. Likewise to the maestro behind the keyboards-Randy Gane (Operation Mindcrime, Candlebox, Queensryche) for always taking time out for Beier Drums.

This record is the first part of a trilogy from Operation Mindcrime. Geoff Tate has not only retained his skill and musical depth with this record, in some ways, to me, he has even surpassed it. Absolutely without a doubt he is one of the greatest frontmen, lyricist's, and songwriters of all time in Rock. Add in the fact that his all-star line-up is arguably one of the best out there, and quite possibly one of the best line-ups ever. Talent wise, it reminds me of Ann Boleyn's line-up in Hellion which I was able to see live in Chicago last Summer. Truly incredible.

Link below for information on how to buy a copy of "The Key", and tour details.Very much looking forward to seeing Operation Mindcrime live soon you guy's...