Wednesday, April 15, 2015


One of the finest drummers in music and all around good guy-Pat McDonald was in the area last weekend. It was great to see the Charlie Daniels Band back in the area again, and as they always do...They pretty much electrified the audience at The Arcada Theater in St. Charles. There wasn't a single person in that audience that wasn't moving. This band has been together for a long time, and they all come from pretty diverse musical backgrounds. Those styles show on and off during this show, and it comes together in a set that still is one of the great touring acts on the road.

This was the first night for Pat and his new Beier 1.5 Steel Snare--4 x 15. This particular one was in textured black coating. This drum is not your average 4" deep snare. It is heavy on the mids, has a great bottom end, and has an enormous overall response. Feedback from him was that he absolutely loved it. Special thanks as well to Shannon & Chris from the band for your comments....They were very much appreciated.

There are two links below for excellent webcam video clips from the night: One is a solo clip, the second is an hour of the show. This drum will be on the road with Pat along with his 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14 & 6.5 x 14.

Thanks Again For Everything Pat McDonald....It is an incredible experience watching you play my drums...