Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I had the incredible opportunity to go see Hellion several weeks ago in Chicago with my buddy Trent Anderson (Tuff, Bang Tango, Dmolls, Sushi Roll Band). It is not very often you get to see a line-up like this one in a club setting, & as it is said: The amount of talent on that stage was one of those rare opportunities for fans. Their set, the new record "Karma's A Bitch", and the whole evening was just simply awesome. Add in the fact that Kelly Gray from Operation Mindcrime was doing sound. And as it goes with all stars of this caliber, they could not have been a nicer group to hang with all day and night. Check out their new record, and especially tune into Simon Wright's work on "Betrayer". Special Thanks as well to Demetrius Bermudez for the introduction to Georg from Rhino Bucket...One of my all-time favorite bands, Lee Hollister for all of the great drum talk, and James Shotwell who always goes out of his way to be cool. Also...Maxxxwell Carlisle is a gifted guitar player, a great guy to talk to, and is teaching lessons now. Contact information is below. Thank You Hellion for everything....Thanks for dinner Trent....& Thank You Jerry Averill for the use of your excellent pics...


Ann Boleyn: Lead Vocals (Hellion) 
Simon Wright: Drums (Hellion, Operation Mindcrime, Dio, Dio Disciples, Rhino Bucket, AC/DC, UFO)
Scott Warren: Keyboards (Hellion, Dio, Type-O Negative, Heaven & Hell)
Maxxxwell Carlisle: Lead Guitar (Hellion)
George Dolivo: Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals (Hellion, Rhino Rucket)
Greg Smith: Bass (Hellion, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, Plasmatica)